About Us

About Us

Connecting Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Professionals

We offer an easy to navigate home search experience. Whether you are at home or on-the-go, we make it easy for you to access our property database.

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Spurred by the property boom and personal frustrations in relying on classified ads in newspapers for property search, Yi Fung was conceived by co-founders Edward and Stephen to introduce a smarter, intuitive online means for property seekers to find their ideal property.

Riding on the advent in Internet technology and the changing habits of consumers to go online to search for information, Yi Fung plans to revolutionize and shape the property search process at each step of the way.

Our service includes but not limited to:

  • Property Investment Consultant   ~ 房地產投資顧問
  • Buy/Sell/ Rent/Co-development   ~ 房仲 (買賣租/合建)
  • Property & Building Management ~ 房地產管理
  • Project Pre-sell & Marketing           ~ 營銷與銷售計劃