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There’s a new Goldman Sachs partner class

The bank has elevated 84 employees to the coveted rank, bringing the total number of partners to around 484, or 1.4% of Goldman’s (NYSE:GS) work force. Partners, a title that remains among the most prestigious on Wall Street, typically receive…

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But it burns marine heavy fuel

But it burns marine heavy fuel, or ‘bunker fuel’, which leaves behind a trail of potentially lethal chemicals: sulphur and smoke that have been linked to breathing problems, inflammation, cancer and heart disease. He calculates a worldwide death toll of…

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We call these people bastards

We call these people bastards, monsters, and blasphemers. Some folks simply call them “faith healers.” We sat down with a man who learned the conniving ways of a faith healer when he was a teenager.Cheap Oakleys Here’s what he told…

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lottery winner stays grounded after

Marshall is dedicated to improving lives. He has significant experience in creating, leading, and participating in non profit organizations. As a soccer coach Wholesale Cheap Baseball Jerseys in Carmel Valley and a little league volunteer, wholesale nfl jersyesMarshall understands the…

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